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God sends doubles from the past into our lives to remind us of the past. I was curious if you ever thought of changing the layout of your website. Because in the end, he will break your heart so many time you won't ever be a whole person ever again. Biblical astrology dates back to job, jacob and joseph. Being quite sharp and intelligent, they can engage practically anybody in a great conversation, which makes them great hosts. Windows internet explorer 8 for windows vista bit edition or windows server bit edition. Topics such as The North and South Nodes, the role of the 12th house cusp, its ruling planet, and the special role of Neptune play in understanding past lives.

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This will be a fast paced, fun, and lively evening with a lot to cover. NEW to Astrology? With Psychological Astrologer Margaret Gray www. Join me on Saturday March 31 st at Oscailt if you would like to:. Venue: The Yoga room at Oscailt Time: Tracking the Uranus Cycle through our Life Stages From the first Uranus square to the midlife opposition and on to the second square and the Uranus return at age 84, this innovative transpersonal planet awakens us at each phase of the cycle through igniting our desire for individuation through personal freedom.

Exploring the core themes of this cycle in our personal development and in our relationships, we will also take a look at the significance of Uranus moving into Taurus.

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Past Workshops for Astrology Ireland in Astrology is a language and like any language, the starting point is the alphabet. This will be a practical and fun hands on day. There are no calculations involved! This day course is ideal if you would like to: — Read astrology blogs and books more easily — Be able to participate more in the Astrology Meetup groups — Start to understand the basics of your birth chart — Find out if you would like to study astrology in greater depth!

Venue: The Yoga room in the basement at Oscailt Time: 10 — 5 1 hour break for lunch Cost: Euro if booked and paid for by September 5th Euro after September 5th Please email me at graymgt gmail. Further information here. Feb 18th: Understanding and Transforming Compulsive and Addictive relationship patterns. NS: I think pursuing astrology as a vocation is something that chooses you.

The love of astrology is a part of who I have always been. Everyone knew I loved astrology and would ask for readings. One day, someone offered to pay me, and it just grew organically from there. In , I went into astrology full-time. In , I was fortunate enough to pursue an astrology-related masters degree at the University of Kent in the U. PP: What is your process for deriving the horoscopes weekly, monthly, annually that you present on www. Personalized horoscopes answer specific questions unique to a birth chart and consider specifically the movement of the planets in relation to the unique circumstances of an individual.

Whether reading a personal chart or a general horoscope, there is always a grounding in techniques and skills that have been developed slowly over millennia by great astrologers of the past. PP: Can you give a brief history of the importance and relevance of astrology in the South Asian culture? NS: Astrology is an evident part of all cultures.

I think it is more evident in South Asian culture because the understanding of the world as symbolic is deeply embedded in the culture. Can you please explain the intention behind this endeavour? NS: The intention of Synchronicity University is to offer free online video classes so budding astrology novices, seasoned students and New Age explorers can learn astrology.

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The idea came as a way of bringing my book Astrology Realized: Your Journey To Understanding Astrology to life, where friends and fans can watch and listen to lessons as they are inspired to learn at their convenience. PP: How can we use astrology as a guide to better inform our everyday lives? NS: What is happening in the sky and in the chart is a mirror to what is happening in our lives. Astrology is another lens to view the world allowing us to become more conscious of how life works, who we are, what our drives are and how we can act and react to life in a more conscious way.

The person looking for someone to solve their life and the person who says they can do that for you. To give someone the power to have your life go a certain way is to completely miss the opportunity that every moment grants us to be more than we were before.

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The other misuse is when people think that all is predetermined since you can see it in the stars. There is no predetermination. It is up to you how you will use the energies presenting themselves to you. You are active in creating [your] own life situation by engaging and participating in the direction you have the power to move in. You participate in the unfolding of the cosmos. A good astrologer enlightens and empowers. A good client takes ownership for their experience. NS: I live by a spiritual truth, hard won through my own struggles and celebrations.

My intention is to do work that puts love and positive energy into the world. Knowing that I am living this intention is everything to me.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for February 22 to 28, 2015 by Nadiya Shah

There are many times when women message me and say it means so much to them as a person of South Asian descent that I am simply sharing who I am and my truth. The support and celebration have been empowering for them and for me. I especially love that I see across social media people from every cultural background, ethnicity, social identity and corner of the world interacting with my posts and with each other, in support of spirit on the surface, but demonstrating our inherent unity.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for February 22 to 28, 2015 by Nadiya Shah

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