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I'm made of the sweetest whiskey and and heavy metal words. I light the candles every February. Source: AstrologyCosmoBiology The Draconic Sun Arguably, there is more emphasis placed on the Sun in the Natal chart as being a reflection of yourself, then the Draconic Sun — after all the Natal pertains to your current life, and that is more important to the vast majority of us. The Draconic Moon The difference to bear in mind when evaluating the Draconic chart is that it concerns itself with inner workings, the soul, your subconscious impulses that you perhaps are unaware of… or are too acutely aware of.

The Draconic Venus Venus in the Draconic chart concerns itself with the inner workings of relationships, the inner perception of beauty, art, refinement and good taste. Source Step One: Construct your natal Draconic Chart by using a computer program or by subtracting the North Lunar Node in degrees of longitude from and then adding that figure to all the planets and house cusps. Step Two: Start a page with columns. Step Four: In the right hand column, place the Draco sign and degree and its orientation. The Draco positions say something about that silk lining, what is underneath your tropical needs and orientation.

It ADDS a new dimension. By doing this compare and contrast of the tropical zodiac placements of the natal chart to the Draconic, an initial feeling for the link between the two will emerge. Step Five: Do the same exercise above using your Tropical house cusps in the left hand column and your Draconic house cusps in the right.

Continue this through all 12 houses, focusing on the needs of the signs as they apply to the qualities of each house. You can take this further by considering the rulers of each sign on each cusp and were they fall in both the Tropical and Draconic chart.

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In the example above, the t Asc is ruled by Saturn and Uranus where as the d Asc is ruled by Mercury. These above exercises are a great way to become familiar, step by step with your Draconic Chart. Step Six: Find any aspects look for the conjunctions and oppositions first between the natal Tropical placements and the Draconic. Crave to live near the sea okay the Draco Cancer Moon in the 4th will help that too and currently live yards from the River Severn. Pisces Ascendant in the 2nd Decanate ruled by Moon and so a great deal of sensitivity and with T.

Neptune right on top of my Draco Asc just now, I can see how greater emotionality and attunement to others are being welcomed into my world. Any astrologer looking at my Natal Chart would immediately see the strong element of Air, and also the 4th House, a very Cancerian influence. But the Draconic Analysis really does see a lot more Water to the fore, and this is what I brought into this life.

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The Aquarius energy in my Natal Horoscope is my challenge to assert my more unique individuality, and in some ways escape the sensitivity that I have seen at times as being as much of a liability, as an asset. Of course, there is far more to both charts that go beyond the Sun, Moon and Asc so this is just a flavour but learning about my Draconic Moon and Venus in Cancer, Sun in Gemini and Pisces Asc were real turning points in my own life and personal development.

On Wednesday 8th October at 6. So a tense T On Friday 4th October at 5. This is the opposite location of Aries, which Mars rules, so is known to be in October begins with a line-up planets in the sign of Libra.

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All this On Saturday 28th September at 7. This asks us to think about our relationships, but with it forging a Please follow and like. Got in the forum and I read your post. Is interesting.

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In my case with the N. Node at 0 degree in Aries, my sun is in Gemini and I am Taurus. Pre natal chart sun is in Leo. Actually I am looking forward to answer the critical question of my Life Purpose, and perhaps I can find something here.

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Thanks, and thanks Mr. Hyde to come back this post that is from Any thoughts on Draconian Charts is wellcome or any book on this subject for recommendation as well. Last edited by Titaneurope; at AM.

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I am also extremely curious about Draconian charts and going to look for further information on them thanks for the subject.. A friend of mine Dikki Jo Mullen did an interesting article for Dell horoscope a couple of years ago on prenatal astrology. Its a fascinating subject The signs change, but your right nothing else does. The aspects, ETC. If nothing else, it allows you to tap into the other parts of your current personality.

For example, a Gemini Sun. No wonder I'm a mature person. And I think my negativity is repeated with Jupiter in Saggitarius in the 2nd opposing the sun and Leo in Eastern charts. Though this is not the same place I amit that I have some very clear Gemini traits and at same time I find that I do not necessary have all the Taurus sun sign positive traits, neither the negative ones.

Yes is true that I have some Scorpio and perhaps, becuse of the polartitie. However I am very curious, is hard to me to find my vocation, I am confused in many interests and I am a easily very distracted person and that is a Gemiini sun sign trait as far as I know. Just where is my Draconian Sun. I do not have any idea. Last moth I went to visit my family to my country.

Is a conservative family and I was in doubt to tell them I was interested in astrology. At last I did it, and it was OK. Every one of them ask me things that of course I answered some of them with the software in front, becasue I am very new to this interest.

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When we were loking for the date of birth we found something very intersting. My mother birthday never was on Ausust 18th, as we all ever believed including her ; it was on July 19th acording to the hospital certificate. My mother was born in another country far away, and that was very rare since the family live always their natal country in South America. What happened was that at that times , having a child in less than 9 months before getting married was very bad seen in society.

So my grand father with my grandmother took a boat and went away for 4 months for the birth of my mother. I do not understand why a such a big "stupid" decisson for a common thing, but one have to be in a context to undestand. And is not my case. Why all these story? Well I am the oldest of my brothers.

My fathers were married 6 - 8 months after they meet and they were 22 and 20 each other. I was born exact 9 months and 6 days after they got married. Is no doubt my birth cetificate says Apr, Anyway, Gemini is about 23 days far from there, and is not possible to lie in such a period of time if you born in your country. As well I remember that her moon in her "birthday"have much more to do than the true one position.

Strange thing. Where did you hear about interpreting the Draconic chart seperately? I've also read that it is not meant to be interpreted alone but in conjunction to the natal chart. I'm really new to this system and the lack of information on it as well as conflicting leads are really giving me a headache If you have a significantly different draconic then natal, does it imply that this particular incarnation will be more challenging? Tags charts , draconic , lives , past Thread Tools.

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