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The Transits of Venus through the Signs Electional Astrology:When Venus is,The following short interpretations of Venus in the signs refer to Venus's sign position at any given time and their possible effects on the population in general. Venus Transit for Leo:Leo,the Venus transit indicates sudden gains and profits from speculation after mid-April,June brings possible career growth,followed by good chances of a raise in salary in July. You have a great need for other people to like and admire you,You have a tendency to be critical of yourself,You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage.

Transit Chart Calculator,Astrology Transits online Free interpretation,Transits of the Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,Pluto and other planets online calculator - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you,AstroSeek,Free Horoscopes and charts Venus Mahadasha Predictions,We usually know the basics of if mars in 12 houses astrology from the lagna you have to calculate,How Venus can give results in 12 signs ex:aries to pieces,even you can observe 27 different stars if venus occupies,Here you might confuse by clubbing all these combinations together,So we made simple way to judge it.

When Venus,the planet of love,money,and desire,joins up with Leo's expressive and courageous energy on August 26,,it's a direct invitation to live and love out loud! Leo is the zodiac sign that rules the heart,so Venus' romantic side is extra infectious here.

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Hence all these areas will be somehow influenced or impacted by the transit of Venus in Sagittarius,The transit of Venus looks favourable for the people born under Aries,Leo,Virgo,Libra,Scorpio and Aquarius zodiac sign,For your convenience,the general predictions for all 12 zodiac signs have been explained below.

Venus will be making its transit in the zodiac sign Cancer on Tuesday,23 July ,at pm and will remain posited in the same state until Friday 16 August ,at pm,Let us now discuss the impact of this planetary movement,Venus's transit in Cancer,on all 12 zodiac signs. Joint Anglo-French forces attacked Egypt and bombed Egyptian airfields forcing the country on the defensive.

Other world events at the time included the Soviet invasion of Hungary and the first attack on Cuba by a little known revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro.

Venus in Leo - Your Venus Leo.

He landed a small rebel force with the intention of overthrowing the dictator, Batista. Three years later he was the Cuban President. Interesting highlights include the music of the year. His brand of music exhibited his male sexuality Mars displaying it in a writhing and sensuous, hip-swinging show of Piscean attraction. By then Rock'n'roll was the dance craze of the year with the music sweeping America, Europe and Australia. All have a Piscean theme in them somewhere with a searching for higher spiritual values, creative meaning, and with strong male Mars figures or the issues of war and the use of force.

In some very Piscean events signalled Mars in Pisces. Insecticides were used for the very first time in agriculture and the home. The first Winter Olympics was held in Chamnix in Austria. Edgar Hoover was appointed head of the Bureau of Investigation later the FBI ; and the USA suffers its greatest fire loss in the coal industry with million dollars damage. Two key events of include the establishment of the first Anglo-Persian Oil Company and the commercial launch of the very first plastic product - Bakelite.

Both are about oil and oil derivatives Pisces and their use and exploitation through heat, moulding or drilling - all Martian endeavours. It has a meaning of people on a mission, seeking to find a deeper knowledge or truth. They undertake a journey of discovery regardless of the outcome in terms of society's expectations.

It's the classic search for illumination with its high ideals and new understandings. The journey is a very personal one for each who takes part. There may even be a need to leave others behind when you undertake this path. The meaning here is clear - a journey of going towards the "Light", so the energies triggered by Mars retrograde are going to be demanding and testing for all of us.

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Dogs are also faithful friends, so they will always offer to help when things go wrong. They do turn into fussy parents once there are children and life with a Dog is not always the same as before kids. The Chinese Zodiac cycles over 12 animals and five elements making the same combination every 60 years. The previous Yang Earth Dog was in The Dog is a complicated Earth element which is in Chinese is a symbol of the "Grave of Fire", "the Underground" or the "Gate to Hell" and so it is related to death, religious, spiritual and occult matters.

Dog years often are associated with excavation and archaeological discoveries. Note that the tomb of King Tut was discovered in which was a Dog year. As Dog refers to the underground, it will also bring more issues and troubles related to subways, mines and tunnels. This means artistic academic quality, combined with lonely feelings.

As such was remarkable with cultural and scientific developments. In a Dog year Marie Curie announced the discovery of Radium and radioactivity. They continued with Explorer 4 in July.

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The Soviet Union sent Sputnik 3 into orbit in May The first video game Tennis for Two was introduced in October Sleeping Beauty , the very popular Disney cartoon was launched in Jan -- still a Dog year. The Van Allen radiation belts were also discovered around the Earth. The European Common Market came into play in Fidel Castro launched full scale war against the Cuban government. Charles De Gaulle was elected President of France for the first time. Alaska became the 49th state of the USA. The Cha Cha Cha becomes the new dance craze. The first stereophonic recordings came into popular use.

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Yang Earth is the symbol of a mountain. Yang Earth sitting on the Dog is a massively big mountain. – Arranging Your Life with the Living Principles of Feng Shui

So such a year indicates greater chances of disasters related to mountains and the earth. There is danger of landslides, avalanches and its not as safe for mountaineering sports. In August, a KLM airline crashed into the sea with 99 passengers. The Dog being the 'Grave of Fire', it's also considered as the storage of fire and so there will be fire disasters and explosions when fire is released from storage.

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There were many fire disasters in In March a big fire broke out in an underwear company in New York, killing 24 people. In December a horrible fire in a Chicago school killed 90 students and 3 nuns. Also in the same month, a serious fire in a department store in Bogota, Columbia killed 84 people. One of the strongest known solar maximums was recorded in November The Earth Dog Year is a powerful period in our lives, offering a new interpretation of our human condition.

Strength of character, education, morality, social life, health and caring for our elders are all fundamental questions which should be revised and improved during this year. Illumination of mankind will be an important outcome from this year and we will all benefit. Discovery of new truths about ourselves are very possible, especially related to our past on the earth.

Since Earth rules being solid and dependable and the earth is our home, many new truths will surface about the origins of mankind this year. Earth element also rules late summer and the harvest of food. It rules mudbricks and earth houses. In art its landscapes and mother and child images. Its also pottery, ceramics and mosaics.

In fashion and clothing its practical and durable fabrics and those made from natural fibres. In the body it rules the spleen, the stomach and the lips, mouth and muscles. Its taste is sweet and fragrant and it rules singing. The Earth person is the peacemaker type. So look for these things to play out during What are the likely health issues for this year?

In Chinese medicine, Earth represents the cells and muscles. Cancer is caused by a disorder of the cells, and is related to an excessive amount of unfavourable Earth element overcome by water or dampness. Thus, this year major health problems will involve cancer and its necessary to take good quantities of anti-oxidants if Earth is the unfavourable element in your Chinese Four Pillars chart.

Your heart and blood circulation is related to the Fire element, and as the Dog means Fire enters into the Grave, it's unfavourable for people who have a weak Fire element. This will bring issues with weak energies, a weaker heart, or poor blood circulation and indigestion. The imbalance of Earth element may also bring stomach problems and a focus on diabetes. As Earth is also our stomach and muscle tissue, we can gain weight more easily in this heavy Earth year.